A mecha-ninja

Ninja Monkey $510/$600/$650

Speed x1.6 Range x1.2 Popping Power 2 Layer 1 Can target Camos.

‍Path 1Edit

‍Ninja Discipline $280/$320/$460Edit

Popping power +1 Speed +10% Range +10%

‍Sharper Shurikens $380/$500/$660Edit

Popping power +2

‍Triple Shurikens $2750/$3500/$4290Edit

Throws 3 at once

‍Diamond Shurikens $5100/$6000/$6500Edit

Popping power +5

‍Bloonjitsu Master $10500/$15000/$17000Edit

30% faster Throws 5 at once

‍Path 2Edit

‍Seeking Shurikens $380/$420/$510Edit

Will seek out bloons for greatly increased accuracy.

‍Ice Breaker Shurikens $510/$600/$650Edit

Popping power +1 Can pop Frozen.

‍Bloon Crusher Shurikens $1600Edit

Popping power +1 Layer +1

‍Bomb Shurikens $4200Edit

Explode when they run out of pops. Splash x1.2, can pop 8 additional bloons.

‍Monkey Saboteur $10000Edit

10% faster, bomb splash increased by 10% and can pop 9 additional bloons

‍Sabotage ability:Edit

Any blimps spawning during the next 10 seconds will spawn with 35% less HP. 110 second recharge.

‍Path 3Edit

Longer Range $300Edit

20% longer range

‍Faster Throwing $700Edit

30% faster

Mecha-Ninja $2500Edit

60% faster Popping power +1

Razor Shurikens $4500Edit

Popping power +8

Shuriken Gunbot $9000Edit

Projectiles travel faster. 70% faster. Popping power +1

‍Shuriken Storm ability: Edit

x2 speed for 9 seconds. 37 second recharge.

ULTIMA: Mecha Bloonjitsu Saboteur $25500/$30000/$32400Edit

Bloonjitsu Master, but:

Has Saboteur Bomb shurikens instead of regular ones.

Throws 5 from each hand (think of it as 2 bloonjitsu masters joined together.)

Has the speed and popping power bonus of Shuriken Gunbot.

Plus, gets both abilities.